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Barca Academy in Okinawa

We're excited to inform you that once again, EFAO has been invited by the Barca Academy in Japan to participate in a two-days tournament on April 2nd & 3rd at the Athletic Chatan Park.

Same as last year, Categories U8-U10-U12 will participate in this tournament. The Barcelona Academy from Fukuoka, Tokyo, and a combination team Barca Academy, will compete with other teams for this two-day tournament.

This is an invitation in which we want to have all the best EFAO children in those categories taking part of this event.

Some important information to know:

  1. Let us know already if you are unavailable for those dates.

  2. Participation fee: ¥ 2000

  3. Where: Athletic Chatan Park

  4. When: April 2nd & 3rd (Saturday and Sunday)

We look forward to taking part of this event!

Thank you for your continuous support and cooperation.

- The EFAO Team



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